Chapter Outline

Abstract Introduction Background Previous Sonic Narratives Traditional Music / Tone Poems Electroacoustic / Experimental Composition Sound Design in Film Sound Poetry Radiophonic Work Audio Film (Lopez & Pauletto) Sound-Only Games Soundscape Analysis (Schafer) (acoustic, psychoacoustic, semantic, aesthetic) Basic Plots in Narratives (Booker) Outwith Time: Adapting Emma Zunz Why a short story? Why Emma Zunz? Plot … Continue reading Chapter Outline


Bipolar Extremes in Emma Zunz

Taking on idea from David Sonnenschein - Keywords from the short story that can serve as bipolar extremes and later for designing sound to counterpoint between them. Prude-Uninhibited Argentina-Brazil Innocent-Guilty Boss-Employee Male-Female Life-Death Reality-Unreality  

[Hyperreality – Baudrillard and Eco]

Coined by Jean Baudrillard in Simulacra and Simulation (1981) - Relationships between reality, symbols and society. Society replaced reality and meaning with symbols and signs. Inability to tell between what is real and what it hyperreal, simulated. Deception. He borrows from Borges' Del Rigor en La Ciencia.  Simulacra: a copy with no original Simulation: blending reality … Continue reading [Hyperreality – Baudrillard and Eco]

[Tone Poems / Representation / The Art of Noise / Organised Sound ]

Below are some thoughts and concepts around music, philosophy, sound and the Futurist movement as they relate to Borges, Emma Zunz, the idea of the nature of reality or any other ideas I found useful/relevant Richard Strauss and the concept of Tone Poem - Composition of orchestral music illustrating/representing a poem, short story, novel, painting, … Continue reading [Tone Poems / Representation / The Art of Noise / Organised Sound ]

Chosen Text – Emma Zunz by Jorge Luis Borge

This is a short story that explores themes related to revenge, deception, justice, etc. Borges plays with the ambiguity of reality. The story could be said to fall under Booker's plot of Overcoming the Monster perhaps delving into Tragedy. The adaptation aims to combine concrete sounds based on reality, and explore ways of synthesising the … Continue reading Chosen Text – Emma Zunz by Jorge Luis Borge

[ Craft of Research / Notes On Blindness / Sound Poetry ]

The Craft of Research (Book) - see NOTES document How research and project can be framed Relationship between me and readers 4 Steps of planning Elevator pitch: Topic - Question - Significance Crafting an Intro Organising the Body of Text Conclusions Notes on Blindness Feature film/VR experience of a blind person's perception of the world … Continue reading [ Craft of Research / Notes On Blindness / Sound Poetry ]