The first idea of the sketch came from a phrase I came across reading about sound poetry: “verse without words”, focusing mainly on phonetics, and not so much to any association to meaning or structure. So first I made a quick sketch from a portion of the Spanish-language recording of the text I made. I then applied different filters to it. Some of them still allow intelligibility of the text, while others attempt to bring forth the rhythm and pace. There was no real method to my process, other than perhaps trial and error.


The second sketch is inspired directly from Steve Reich’s early experiments on tape It’s Gonna Rain (1965) and Come Out (1966). I layered two initial copies of slightly different lengths to let them phase out over a very brief period, and then added two additional tracks of different lengths to try to get to rhythmic phasing results much quicker. This sketch was done entirely out of fun, but it does yield some interesting sonic results with voice if one samples just a brief portion of a few seconds.


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