As a guideline for timing and as an sketching exercise, I set out to record a narration of the story. I originally recorded it in Spanish, it’s original language. The narration is purposefully recorded rather quick. This is not intended as an audiobook and most likely will not form part of the final form, but I wanted to use the text as an initial guideline for thinking about rhythm, pace and form. In addition, I wanted to have a sense of the length of the story as spoken word. Although at first, this was also meant to give me a template to design sounds over, I then set out to record it in English. I tried to match the length of each of the Spanish phrases to attempt to create a sync between them. The contrast between the two languages creates an interesting counterpoint with brief moments of sync.

I then recorded and designed a few sounds for the first two paragraphs with the intention of mixing a first sketch using the Ambisonics Toolkit in Reaper and exporting to binaural audio. I exported the mix with and without the spoken word. The results can be found below (Binaural Mix, to be listened to on headphones)




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