Theme of the meeting: Analysis – re-synthesis – interpretation

What is it that I like about sound design that I can apply to this project? Use this and get busy, down and dirty with this project.

  • Experiment with Approaches
    • Think of Sound design style: radiophonic, theatre, cinematic, film, computer game. Use methodologies of that style and apply them to this project.
    • Musical approach? Does it run like a piece of music. Think of pace and form from that point of view
    • Audio documentary approach? Very little is said with voice? What is the role of sound?
    • Think about transitions. Form and structure are not the same thing
    • Significance of different events, emotions, moments, themes. What is the significance for me? My interpretation of suicide? Of loneliness? Of Deception?
  • Surround can also be a technique to explore perspective to tell different truths. [Think of of my analysis of Berberian Sound Studio perhaps? – What was the emotional content in the surround channels?]


  • Take a page, read it through. Record it as voice. Analyse features of the voice, of speech. Perform all sound FX with my voice, explore effects, filters, approaches.
  • Record the text. All of it. The text is what I’ve got, think that I am making an analysis of it, re-synthesising it and my piece would be the interpretation
  • Some spoken word, perhaps short phrase used occasionally can get the listener to follow. It could be used to drag the listener back into the story or connect environments.

What I’m missing is an Aesthetic urgency. The piece shouldn’t be an example of experimentation but an interpretation.


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