Emma Zunz

The Plot: Overcoming the Monster – Heroine sets out to defeat antagonistic evil

Short story by JL Borges about how Emma seeks justice and revenge over her father’s death. I chose Borges and this story due to difficulty describing reality, and how this theme can relate to sonic storytelling. There are also a limited number of characters that can be reduced to an even smaller number of spaces.

Exploring a Method

  • Define Auditory Scene: environment (wind, rain, foliage), background sound events, animals, vehicles, machinery, electronics, creaks.
  • Define Soundmarks:  “establishing sound” let listener know where a scene is taking place
  • Define Characters: footsteps, clothing, gestures, breathing? Think of – and map out- the movement of the characters in space
  • Define Dialogue/Conversation
  • Define Events / Actions: Could these change auditory scene? i.e. Door slamming, changes outdoor sound, gunshot scares birds away?

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