Ideas and Homework:

  • Make Sound Sketches!
  • Look into Hyperreality – Umberto Eco & Jean Baudrillard
  • Careful with use of term “immersion” –  It’s used a lot as a marketing word and it’s sometimes hard to flesh out what people mean.
  • Where does my work sit in the world? Where does the significance lie? Doesn’t mean commercial application or justification for specific application.
  • Systematic exercises – Look into the 7 basic plots in literature by Christopher Booker
    • Find out what these are, these archetypal texts. Or maybe a common myth? Can I take these very linear plots and make them into sound? It’s a way of thinking about shape
  • Read Katherine Norman – Narrative space in two works for sound alone
  • Consider JL Borges story? Find a text!
  • Ways of Listening: An Ecological Approach to the Perception of Musical Meaning by Erick Clarke – subject position. Most examples are musical but applicable
  • Against Method book by Paul Feyerabend- argues that when people talk about history of science they ignore that a lot of breakthroughs in science have come about by non-scientific means (lack of method).
  • Consider using peer comments as a way of guiding practice as I go along, rather than a survey or questionnaire at the end as if part of research

Coming up with a Title

Starting idea: Ambisonic Storytelling: Designing an immersive narrative format through surround sound.

  • Maybe don’t commit to technology (ambisonics), that way I can be free.
  • I want to derive a method that is repeatable and transferrable for transcribing narrative to sound. Methods for transcribing stories to sonic experiences?
  • How can one establish subject positioning without recourse to a narrator?

Sonic Storytelling:

Deriving methods for adapting narratives into sonic experiences


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