Summary of notes, tasks and ‘homework’ from 1st meeting on 10 May

  • Questions to consider
    • What sound gestures can have a dramatic role?
    • What limitations can be overcome by thinking of representation?
    • Why is this an interesting idea?
  • Notes
    • The applications are important but don’t let them take centre stage
    • How can I use the element of ‘repeatability’  of a fixed medium to my favour?
  • Homework
    • Look up literature around relevant genres (Schaeffer)
    • Pick a text to use. Think of length. How many characters? Consider pace.
    • Listen to Sound Poetry
    • Think of elements of speech (phonemes, words, phrases) and how to mimic sonically
    • Build a library of gestural sounds that have a narrative function
    • Create short sound sketches – maybe around a short anecdote. Quick question & rough, even using external sounds, to give me an idea.

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